First Five Minutes .club

Give the first 5 minutes back.


The idea is simple. When you start your meeting, give the first 5 minutes back.

That’s it. Join the #FirstFiveMinutes club!

4 Simple Steps

  1. Schedule your meeting as normal.
  2. Share your screen, load this image, then mute yourself.
  3. Use the five minutes to improve your well being.
  4. Un-mute and have great meeting.


  • Back to back meetings happen.
  • Meeting fatigue is real.
  • Work/Meetings often expand to fill the time available for them - Parkinson’s law.
  • It’s supported by Science! which says:
    • Breaks help to reset the brain
    • Breaks increase focus and engagement
    • Breaks help in transitioning
  • It’s easier to start late, than stop early, especially if it’s a good conversation.
  • It’s a nice thing to do.


  • Schedule shorter meetings?
  • Have less meetings / no meeting days.
    • This is a great idea.
  • … ?


This is not my idea, I think. I am sure I heard it somewhere else, but I made an image for it using Canva, and then this website. It’s hosted on github pages, using jekyll - which means it’s very easy for anyone to help with ideas, designs, spelling fixes etc. There is probably a lot of research/ideas in this space, please share them (ideally with a PR) and I will update this page.

Be the change you want to see in your workplace/industry/world.

Thanks - Alex